The Livescore Group Company Values

We’re guided by a set of core values that underpin everything we do.


We aim to enhance and increase the enjoyment of sport through innovative products and immersive experiences. We understand the way people feel about sport and what it means to them… we are the fans. LiveScore Group fuels fans’ passion for sport.


We are relentlessly ambitious in everything we do. We believe in our mission and our ability to achieve our goals. Our strategy may change or evolve, but our belief will remain, in ourselves and our mission. We take educated risks and are not afraid to fail.


We are a collaborative unit who succeed and fail together. We trust in each other and hold ourselves, and each other, accountable. We encourage open, honest communication. We celebrate our successes and learn quickly from our failures.


We will use our platform for positive social change. Long term commitment to diversity and equality in all its forms. Give back to sport and the communities we interact with. Be responsible in everything we do. Build a company our employees are proud to work for.


We never shy away from difficult decisions. Speed is our friend. Failure is part of success. We are resilient and adaptable as individuals, and as a company.