“Connect with the Modern Sports Fan: Elevate Your Brand’s Story with LiveScore’s Innovative Advertising and Partnership Solutions.”

At LiveScore, we’re not just keeping up with the pace of modern football fandom – we’re setting the standard. With lightning-fast score updates, captivating original storytelling, and cutting-edge social content, we’ve mastered the art of engaging today’s sports fans. Our range of digital advertising and partnership solutions have been designed to connect your brand’s story to quality audiences at scale using our market-leading data and digital capabilities, our industry specialisation, and our high quality digital display, social content and video services.


Drive audience awareness with our full suite of IAB endorsed ad-units, utilising our world class 1st party data and contextual targeting.

Generate a deeper level of engagement from LiveScore users with rich media ad units: countdown timers, polls, shoppable, gamification, units utilising SeenThis technology, new Desktop skins, or Mobile Interstitials

Deliver your HD video creative as premium pre-roll, unlocking first-class inventory or utilise short form, sustainable advertising, HD video served via display using “Adaptive Streaming”

Reach our ‘Audio Attendants’ segment with in-app live audio commentary sponsorships & packages

LiveScore OnTarget is one of the UK’s leading data, targeting and insights platform. It allows you to access the power of our unrivalled audiences and premium environments to deliver your marketing outcomes.

Utilise greater insights through a research-first approach to campaigns. Advertisers can engage users with one-question snapshots live in-app, or with more robust brand lift studies

Leverage our audience insight and social media team to drive distribution of branded content to our 10+ million social media followers

Work with our creative team to produce static, video and social content to reach our engaged fans at scale

Place your brand at the heart of our football community with integrated sponsorships on our best performing content

Utilise our new placements which allows for your brand to appear natively across specific line-up pages & competitions


LiveScore is proud to be awarded the latest version of the IAB UK Gold Standard Certificate

Participation in the Gold Standard initiative underscores our commitment to enhancing the digital experience, ensuring compliance with GDPR and ePrivacy laws, upholding brand safety through our TAG Brand Safety certification, combating ad fraud, and bolstering supply chain transparency. Advertisers partnering with Gold Standard certified sellers of digital media can expect superior digital ad experiences for their consumers.

It’s time to take your advertising & content strategy to the next level, and we’re here to help you every step of the way.
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