Player welfare is at the heart of what we do

Our position on responsible gaming is clear, we want everyone who registers and plays on our products to have fun and be entertained, but above all, be safe. We want to ensure that the decision for members to bet on sports or play games is a conscious and deliberate decision. We take the issue of responsible gaming extremely seriously. All our products are licensed and regulated ensuring our members are guaranteed a safe, trusted and fair gaming experience with the highest levels of member protection. We want to encourage our members to play responsibly and provide them with the necessary tools, guidance and support links to help them be aware and be in control of their gambling. We believe that the essential ingredient in members enjoying our games and their time on our products is providing a safe and secure environment.

Our integrity as a responsible and fair play gaming operator is its most valued and important asset. As a leader in promoting responsible gaming practices, one of our most important and fundamental guiding principles as a remote gaming operator is member trust. To help assist members in enjoying our products and remaining in control of their gambling, we provide a range of supportive measures for those for whom playing could present difficulties. All our products have a dedicated and easily accessible direct link to responsible gambling pages which supplies information and access to self-help control tools.