The World Cup is one of the most followed and celebrated sporting events around the globe, featuring the biggest stars and iconic, sought after moments that will be spoken about for years to come. With the masses that the event attracts, brings a multitude of different following behaviours amongst fans, even amongst those that reside from similar parts of the world. At LiveScore, we set ourselves the task of gaining a deeper understanding of what the following behaviours will be and what that means for how the tournament will be consumed. 

We asked over 6,000 of our UK app users in September a variety of questions, yielding a completion rate of 71%. The questions spanned a diverse range of topics covering; who they will follow, how they will follow, where they will follow, where their interest peaks and what else they plan to do when they are following. This has enabled us to generate truly deep insights that can prove far-reaching across our industry, ultimately providing an understanding of what fans are demanding when it comes to consuming the World Cup. 

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