30% of advertising to safer gambling

In 2020, the Betting and Gaming Council (BGC) committed to ensuring that 20% of TV and radio advertisements from members are safer gambling adverts. 

At Virgin Bet, we want to go above and beyond the minimum requirement and set an example for the category. 

From October 2023, Virgin Bet will be dedicating 30% of all radio inventory to safer gambling messaging. 

Late Night Advertising Embargo 

In addition to devoting 30% of advertising to safer gambling messaging, Virgin Bet will work with broadcasters to ensure there is no ATL advertising between the hours of midnight and 6am on any day of the week. 

Although the white paper has not referenced this, safer gambling is at the heart of what Virgin Bet does. We therefore want to take extra steps to ensure we are protecting bettors when there is a propensity to slip into unsafe betting behaviours and habits. 

Having consulted with broadcasters and in-house Responsible Gambling and Compliance teams, the decision has been made despite a likely increase in advertising costs. 

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